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In the 1980's, a group of traditionalists in Donegal published a few magazines about seceding from the modern world. Now these elusive publications are at last being brought to the internet for the temporally displaced. For now they are all in PDF format, but hopefully they will also be in HTML later if I can make the conversion software work properly.

The ladies who founded Aristasia were among those who contributed to these magazines, but unlike Aristasia, Romantia is not female-only.

I have numbers the issues of The Romantic for the convenience of readers, but in fact I have not been able to discern in what order they were published.

I have taken the liberty of compiling all the installments of the novel Shelmerdine by Miss Priscilla Langridge, the comic book Miss Wonderful, and a couple of shorter works of fiction in separate PDF files.

If anyone has any copies of any other Romantian or Aristasian publications, including ephemera like old catalogs or circulars, and is willing to share them, I would greatly appreciate it! I can be contacted at webmistress-at-romantia-dot-org.

~Miss Europa Carmagin